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Given my own interpretation of the data, I wonder how intellectually honest this guy was being in his dissertation.You used some one to springboard to something else and it failed.Oh, and Sean, there are millions of Cezchs(sic) that would loose(sic) to millions of Germans in any sporting event, and vice versa, and at least thousands in the Super Model or any other realm.

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The dissertation was accepted by Harvard, and the degree conferred on Jason Richwine in 2009.Find this Pin and more on berries,cherries and fruits by mbiz1230.

If not, then why presume a priori that the contribution of genes is negligible.The smartest individual on the planet could well be a full blooded black African and the dumbest an East Asian or Ashkenazi Jew.I know that many get impatient with those who who stymie any discussion of race and IQ because you may be exploring this subject from an emotionally-disconnected scientific angle.All humans are the same species — in the sense that any of us can breed with any others (of the opposite sex) and potentially produce viable offspring which can be in their turn, fertile.

Is there a level of intelligence needed to adapt and thrive in America.No doubt a new IQ test would be devised and new geniuses would be identified based upon this new world and its values, one far different than we have today.With that said, most of the difference is clearly attributable to parental involvement and values systems that place an emphasis on intellectual achievement.And yes, I will jump on the bandwagon and call that notion racism.

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But yea, when you cross the line into forming public policy on the basis of associations and correlations that do not necessarily pertain to a single individual, then you run into problems.You are arguing for a bright line genetic distinction in brains depending on skin color.

Please consider supporting this Blog by CLICKING HERE whenever you shop Amazon.Nav Coin is a global digital currency, similar to Bitcoin, but with some extra benefits.But it takes more than free and fair elections to get the stamp of approval from the big dogs in Washington.There are a host of other biological changes that shift alongside that skin color.The argument is over genetics, I,e, brown skins being inferior intellectually.He recently retired as an air traffic controller as well, and from the creme job: trans-oceanic control.If you were truly interested and disinterested, you would find out people who have been studying these things for decades and try to debunk them.Yes, yes, in the realm of cultural marxism, all cultures are equal, and all the people are, by default, equal as well.

When I said examine the test scores, I was referring to actual achievement tests based on the curriculum as taught to the entire class, not IQ test scores.You can also follow along by subscribing to posts, Facebook, and Twitter.Everything these politicians touch turns into a giant clusterfuck.Richwine was pilloried for having told an unwelcome truth, and this is the story that matters in these events.

The truth is that humans exist along a spectrum, not a binary.

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There are millions of anonymous judgemental idiots on the internet.

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Select Audio in the appeared metabox and add link to your mp3 file.Ha, well who-da guessed Nigel would be the first one to really get it.

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Earlier today I tried buying Bitcoins on the Bitcoin Machine on Dogs.To a-priori prejudge individuals based upon average racial associations is racist.

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